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Application Confirmation

Thank you for your application to  USRBC .  Your application will be reviewed and USRBC will contact you when your application has been approved. Please note application is not considered until Payment has been made.

Once payment has been made and USRBC has approved your application you will receive an email with instructions on how to add contacts/employees to the system.

Just paid online?

A copy of your Invoice has been emailed to you .
An additional email will be sent with the Total Paid applied.

Selected the 'Invoice Me' option?

A copy of your unpaid invoice has been emailed to you.

For Payment by Cheque

Please mail a cheque made payable to:

1110 Vermont Avenue SW, Suite 350
Washington, DC  20005     USA

Please include a copy of the invoice, or the invoice number , your name and company name , when submitting the cheque.

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