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Join the USRBC

“For the last 22 years,
the U.S.-Russia
Business Council
has served as
an invaluable
source of knowledge,
and guidance to policy makers
and the business community.”

     - Bruce Andrews,
        U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce (October 2015)

Members of the U.S.-Russia Business Council include the most active companies working together to promote commerce for U.S. and Russian organizations in both of our respective markets.  The Council provides a broad range of valuable services to its member companies, which include networking opportunities, information resources, and Russian and U.S. government policy services. Council members benefit from the experience and knowledge of USRBC staff and peer member companies, from the relationships the Council has fostered at all levels of the U.S. and Russian governments, and from the Council’s ability to assist individual member companies in managing change in the marketplace.

New members to the USRBC are entitled to an initial strategy session which covers the current political and economic situation in Russia and outlines tasks the Council can perform to provide immediate benefit to the new member’s business.


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